• [PACKAGE INCLUDES] Sticky tabs: a pack of 5 pieces,900 small sheets (one piece of 9 colors,20 small sheets for each color),0.47 inches wide. The self-adhesive part is transparent.
  • [MATERIAL] Fluorescent translucent sticky tabs are made of PET material and a special adhesive. Bright colors, stylish and simple design.
  • [WRITABLE AND POSITIONABLE] The label is half self-adhesive and can be repositioned for easy pasting and marking, and clean-up. Different pens bring different effects to the sticky notes, (easy-dry pens: ballpoint pens, pencils, markers; difficult-to-dry pens: fountain pens, gel pens, ink-based pens, etc).
  • [OPERATION] Easy to extract, fluorescent translucent sticky tabs are used to draw attention to key items and organize files, and the color part can be used as a code or index label.
  • [WIDE APPLICATION] Fluorescent translucent book sticky tabs can be used to classify and mark documents, computer message boards, reading notes, books, folders, diaries, catalogs, archives, files, and papers, and are very suitable for students, teachers, and office workers.
Dimensions 7.62 × 10.16 × 0.7 cm


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